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Flood Damage and Repair

Houston Flood Damage and Repair Company

Dry Out Your Property Immediately !

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Need fire and smoke damage repair?

Flood damage, water pipe damage, appliance break, can all cause water damage to your home or business. First General Services uses the most up-to-date technology to limit the damaging effects of water.  The patented process known as Waterout dries faster than other methods removing 100 pounds of water per hour. 

Our Food Damage Repair Process.

The first thing we do is get the water out. We use a patented process called Waterout that is capable of removing 100 pounds of water per hour. By extracting the water as quickly as possible, it's possible to save flooring, cabinets, walls, and structural elements of the property. Then, we thoroughly dry the area to prevent mold growth. Our technicians are so thorough that we guarantee that mold will not plague any area of your property that we are responsible for cleaning.

We will Work With Your Insurance Company

To ensure a proper settlement, we work closely with insurance companies so you are compensated for any damages you've incurred. While accounting for flood damage repair can be a complicated process, it shouldn't be your first priority. When you work with our business, we'll work fast to minimize flood damage and then help you sort out the paperwork.

Faster drying minimizes the likelihood of mold growth.  Call us quickly and there is a good chance we can save your cabinets, flooring, and carpet.

EPA Certified
We are Lead-Safe Certified under the Renovation, Repair, and Paiting Rules.

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couple hoping for the bestWe will repair damage caused by water and extract any water. Then we will make sure you avoid foundation or mold problems in the future! As part of our services, we can guarantee that there will not be mold issues associated with the loss we helped repair.

Emergency Flood Damage Control 24/7 including Weekends & Holidays !

When you call First General we don’t send a technician…we send a project manager that is fully certified, insured and trained in water restoration.